Real success means becoming your own rock and roll hero


About Goldirocks

Wannabe rock star Goldi lands in a house of three musicians, one too hot, one too cold, and a third who seems just right. They let her sing with their band, and she romances them one at a time, thinking she's found her new home. But when she unleashes her own songs on the guys, they cut her out of their scene, forcing her to discover that real success means becoming your own rock and roll hero.

About the Director - Paula Tiberius

Paula Tiberius is a writer, director, musician living in North Hollywood California with her husband and daughter. Her latest projects include the romance novel 'The Cowboy Singer' and a kids' album with a message called 'Be Who You Are.' Goldirocks was her first feature film, which aired theatrically in Canada in 2004 after a long film festival run. It premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival and won Best Indie Feature at the LA Femme Film Festival in Los Angeles.


I really liked it. It's very realtable, the is a realism about the characters and situations that you don't get in a lot of rock and roll movies. and...Goldie ROCKS!!! -- Kari (Dec 30, 2017)

5 Stars (Amazon Video Verified Purchase)

I really liked it. It's very realtable (sic)
Not a bad movie. She was a great actress and kept you very entertained. -- Greg (Nov 1, 2017)

4 Stars (Amazon Video Verified Purchase)

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